Secrets Nobody Will Tell You About Being a Top Advisor

Secrets nobody will tell you about being a top Advisors

To the general financial services population top advisors seem to have it all together. They always seem busy, genuinely happy, and always on the go.

What makes a top advisor and why do so few get there. Less than 1% of advisors every make the 100M mark.

On the insurance side according to investment executive 72.3% of advisors make below $500,000 (I’ll admit their sample size (about 300 agents) is relatively small compared to the actual # of agents out there.

So why is that so few reach an elite level.

One of the reasons is it’s hard. The business is simple but hard. You have to deal with a lot of rejection. To combat that you need a strong mindset, and a strong environment.

Another reason is some of you get comfortable. You reach a point and then you’re like I’ve worked so hard I just want to coast now. 

With that in mind, let’s get into some of the secrets.

Secret #1

They’ve developed a repeatable process

By that I mean they have systematized their business. They know who is doing what, what they excel at and they know their numbers. They know how many people they need to talk to, how many meetings they need and how many policies, clients or assets they need to get each month.

Secret #2 A+++ Client Service

Customer service these days is ordinary. Everywhere you look its ordinary. It’s not hard to have outstanding service. Just get to know your clients a bit. Get to know what’s unique about them and show them you care.

Secret #3 Consistent Action

They are consistent. So consistent. Think any elite athlete and one of the categories that makes an athlete is consistency. They perform at the same level regardless of the time.

As an advisor, as an entrepreneur you have to consistently take action. You have to get uncomfortable and repeatedly do the same things. Think back to when you first started and started to hit new heights. You took action, you got uncomfortable and acted. You made quick decisions and you were focused. Focused on surviving maybe.

Those are the foundational building blocks of any elite advisor. It’s like any an elite basketball player they’re mastered the jump shot, or a hockey player skating.

Master the fundamentals.

So there you have it, 3 secrets of top advisors.

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