A little about me

I wanted to give you a little background of myself and some passions a little bit of my story

At the core of me is I love to help people. Throughout my job searches and post college and even still people always ask me “what do you love to do? Or What do you want to do?” My answer is always the same I want to help people. I want to see other people succeed and achieve their goals. It’s probably the reason I got into coaching hockey right after I stopped playing, it’s also the reason I got my teachers degree in business and physical education.

When I got into financial advising I get to help people. I experienced it firsthand when I got to tell Mary and Steve that they had enough money to retire and never work a day in their life. See Steve was I believe 55 and Mary was 62 if I remember correctly. It was the look in Mary’s eyes that showed “WOW this is powerful”. Based on the expenses they told me they could retire comfortably and do the things they love. We hadn’t even factored in an inheritance they could expect. It was such a great feeling of fulfillment.

I get that same feeling now when I work with my coaching clients. The feedback “like I couldn’t have done this without you” or thanks to you I am now getting more clients. Gives me goosebumps and truly shows I am helping people.

I’ve always been obsessed with making things better, not working on the weakness but instead focusing on the strengths. On what the best of the best are doing. I joined Strategic Coach to learn those skills, I joined Perfect Life Mastermind by Craig Ballantyne to instill the discipline of planning your day and more. This what 7 figure and 8 figure earners were doing. I also felt right at home with them. We connected.

When I joined a new financial firm, I always asked the top producers what they did to succeed. And the results were consistent. They way they built their business was consistent.

At the other end I like to find out what makes people tick, why do you do what you do and how we can make it better.

 Through there I learnt how to build a business, how to succeed and push through – perseverance and dedication. I must have knocked on over 10,000 doors but through it I learnt the exact # of doors I needed to hit to get a phone #.

I became so systematic in it and methodical that I just did it.

Along the way I’ve had a lot of fund doing what I do, I’ve also persevered through the ups and downs of building a business, and been through my share of personal stuff too.

All of these have helped shape me to be the person, coach, father, advisor and more today.

Please feel free to contact me!