The #1 Secret to having a more fulfilled business and life

The #1 secret to having a better business and life

You need to have more structure and accountability in your life. Think about it, left to our own devices we will wander, we will get lazy. There’s a reason why people who hire personal trainers achieve their goals faster and lose more weight. The personal trainer holds them accountable.

For example, I kept asking one of my clients every week if he had done a specific task and he told me that he didn’t want to disappoint me and he made sure he got it done, if for nothing else he got tired of me asking.

Think about some of the greatest athletes in the world, Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Tom Brady, Michael Jordon, they all had and have coaches. In some cases, multiple coaches for different areas of their life.

You need a coach to hold you accountable because you won’t do it yourself. You’ve tried. I’ve tried.

#2 secret is structure

Make it easy for you to do stuff by having structure and systems.

Craig Ballantyne said more structure equals more freedom and I totally agree. The more structure you have in your day and in your calendar the more freedom you will have.

I put a post here on 3 things you need, and 1 of those was planning your free time first. Put first things first. If family is important schedule those first.


My calendar has both family and work time.

If you do not schedule it, you are the mercy of every one else. For instance, if someone calls you up and says can you meet at 2pm, if that spot is open in your calendar, you will put it there even if you know that is calling time.

So, plan your day and work your plan.

Create the structure in your life so that you can do the things that truly matter to you.

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