1 person you need on your team right now if you’re earning over $100,000

If you’re earning over 100K and still solopreneuring you’ve likely hit a plateau. For your business to grow you need this 1 person. This 1 person can help make your life and business easier. It will make the path easier. Hire this one A player to your team and watch the business grow.

So who is this person…

A rockstar Executive Assistant/Admin person. 

A good admin assistant is worth their weight in gold. The problem is you don’t know you have a good one until you have a good one.

I heard of an advisor who managed a 400-million-dollar book with him and his assistant. I can tell you right now that a good executive assistant is worth his weight in gold. He or she is a rockstar. She must be. For the business to get that level and have only 1 person helping. This advisor has their processes figured. They are each operating in their zone of genius.

All growth and freedom of time starts with the hiring of this person even if it makes you uncomfortable.

Earlier today I saw a post on LinkedIn about executive assistants and earning up to 400K. 

(4) LinkedIn

How can an executive assistant/admin assistant 10x your business?

Simply put by freeing up your time to focus on what you’re good at.

  • They will free you from the burden of paperwork, compliance, and more.
  • They will help implement client service standards.
  • They will book appointments for you. (Who doesn’t want that).
  • They will let you enjoy your life away from work and at work.
  • Stop doing stuff you hate.
  • And more

Executive Assistants should be the first hire you make in your practise. 

So, there you have it, if you want to know more how to triple your business, how to free up 10 hours of your work week, how to get more clients, and more comment below “clarity” or send a reply with “clarity” and I’ll respond with a couple questions.  

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