3 Secrets to Being an Elite Advisor

Blake Linklater |

I get asked a lot of times what it takes to be an elite advisor. Or how can I grow my business more and win one of those recognition trips.


There are 3 or more secrets to being an elite advisor and we’ll take a look at each one here.

  1. They’ve mastered the soft skills
  2. They’re pleasantly persistent consistent
  3. They focus on their strengths.


Mastered the soft skills

Elite advisors have mastered soft skills.

I firmly believe that when a client meets with you, they're not asking about beta ratio or standard deviation or even what my return is going to be they're asking do I trust this person.

In order to be a trustworthy advisor, you must master soft skills

  • looking a person in the eye
  • listening
  • being attentive
  • being authentic


They’re pleasantly Persistent and consistent.

What makes Tom Brady one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He's consistent. Elite advisors are consistent they have a repeatable process. They have a process that they follow day in day out to help them be the best. They have a process for prospecting, for client on-boarding and more.

Secondly, elite advisors are persistent. They do not give up easily, they forge ahead, they push through the barriers, they keep going even when it's tough. I know one advisor who knocked on a door of someone about 10 years ago and they didn't have any money they chatted a bit. 10 years later he saw him out on the lawn, and he started talking to him again. It turns out the client had $1,000,000 to invest from a job they just transferred over from. If you're not persistent in staying, there and keeping in contact with people he wouldn't have had that opportunity.


They focus on their strengths

Elite advisors know what their strengths and weaknesses are, and they focus on their strengths and delegate the rest.

This requires you to have a team in place of everyone working in their zone of genius.

I was listening to another advisor #3 in the country with his firm and he said I know my strengths. I'm a hunter I'm able bring in the people and bring in the front end leads but I suck at service. It just doesn't interest me. He brought on 2 CFPs to do the servicing to grow their business and service it.

Know your strengths.