About Me

10% of advisors are around after 5 years... Average income for is only $89,000


And that's if you make it that far.

My name is Blake Linklater, and I help financial advisors, lawyers, accountants get more clients without being salesy, slimy lead generation tactics. 

I've even had a cup of coffee playing professional hockey.

Today, my clients have more revenue, get more time off and work with only clients they love.

I've been an advisor since 2013 with various different firms. Along the way I saw what each firm teaches you and what they don't teach you.

So I got into coaching because I saw what wasn't being covered at every firm. I also interviewed and witness first hand the commonalities of all the top producers regardless of firm. 

In my personal time, I am often coaching hockey, playing sports working out and spending time with my 2 kids. 

Please feel free to contact me!